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The Company is currently undertaking a major project to celebrate The centenary of the Company in 2008. This is being funded by the Local Heritage initiative.

If you would like more details pleae log onto www.lhi.org.uk

The project was launched at the old boys reunion in May 2005

A copy of the reunion photograph is shown below.

what we need to know from you

We are trying to get as much feedback from as many ex members of their time in the 70th. Please take some time to answer the attached questions and either email to the company 70thlondon@70thlondonbb.co.uk

or post to4 Brookview Rd Sw16 6ua.



When did you first join the BB ?


How old were you and what section did you first join ?


What attracted you and why did you stay?


Who were the officers when you joined ?


( For members before 1938 – any  particular thoughts/ memories on Mr. Cotsell )


What activities did you most enjoy / Least enjoy?


Can you give some examples of  things that stick in your mind from your time as a boy in the Company ?  ( e.g. Incidents at camp, parade night , bible class, competitions or other activities).


Any particular people that you remember or you met whilst in the 70th Including people in other youth organizations (GLB , youth fellowship etc)


At what age did you leave the company & why?


What did you gain from being in the 70th ?


Do you have any regrets or things that you wish you had done ?

 EX Staff


 How did you become an officer ?


Any anecdotes re relationships with church , GB or GLB.


Any events that stick in the mind as an officer. 




We have Know started the interviews for the project shown below are Percy Sore, Brian Munro & Bob Verrills with the current Company Captain Chris Buss looking at Archive material between interviews