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The Company at Camp 2003

A full list of Company Camp sites is shown below.


1910-1914- Goring –Sussex, 1919-1939- Stubbington-Hants, 1942- Chinnor, Oxfordshire 1945-1950, Ferring-by-Sea, Sussex, 1951-55 Church Hougham , Kent. 1956-1959 Charmouth , Dorest, 1960 Pett Level Kent, 1961-1962 Whitecliff Bay , IOW.1963- Exmouth Devon, 1964 –Teignmouth,_Devon , 1965-66 Swanage , Dorset1967 -Kingston-Devon , 1968-1970 – Sidmouth-Devon , 1971- Whitecliff Bay, IOW ,1972 Pangbourne-Berkshire, 1973 Balcombe-Sussex, 1974-1975 Udimore-Sussex , 1976 –Ashburnham ,Sussex .1977-Udimore-Sussex,1978 Light weight Camp tour, 1980 PenMaen Mawr-Gwynedd, 1981-1983 –Sidmouth –Devon , 1984 –Porlock –Somerset, 1985 –Lee(nr Ilfracombe)  Devon, 1986-Sidmouth –Devon , 1987- Salcombe –Devon , 1988-89-Whitecliff Bay IOW, 1990- Swanage, Dorset , 1991-Tenby Pembrokeshire ,1992 Swanage –Dorset, 1993 –Whitecliff Bay IOW , 1994- Teignmouth –Devon  1995 Dartmouth –Devon , 1996 Whitecliff Bay , IOW, 1997 Swanage-Dorset

  1998- Dartmouth - Devon  : 1999- Ringmer Sussex ; 2000-Swanage - Dorset;2001- Ringmer -Sussex  ;2002-Whitecliff Bay Isle of White: 2003- Swanage - Dorset; 2005- New forest

 From the various old boys accounts in The Company History it can be seen that summer camp is a pivotal part of the life of the Company . From the photographic records it can be seen that many of the routines remain unchanged. While over time facilities have changed with Tilley lamps and Lat. pits now being consigned to the past . However, the atmosphere and purpose of Camp remains the same. The Menu’s and programme have also changed . I’m not to sure what the Camp’s of 80 years ago would have thought of Chinese style stir fry with Spare Ribs or Rice and peas and Chicken Caribbean Style. But other items like Plum Duff and porridge (not together!) remain. The Company has camped both on its own and with a number of other Companies over the past 90 years. Main Camping Partners have included the 37th London and the 3rd Mid Surrey but other Company’s we have shared with include the 118th London, 2nd Herne Bay and the 47th London.  In early years Camp was possibly the one holiday the boy might have and therefore the same site has often been returned to. More recently Camp Sites have varied to give the boy more variety in, site, scenery and Activity.

Camp Swimming  Parade Early 1910' s   Note The Swimming Costumes

Camp orderlies after the war

CAMP Early 1960'